Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear Diller Friends and Family,

Good evening from ASHKELON!!! We arrive this afternoon from an
incredible, amazing and exhausting Diller Youth Congress!! Be prepared
for your teens to sleep for an entire week once we are home from

They are all so excited to be in Ashkelon and to meet their host
families. It was very sad and hard to say good night to them tonight
as they went off with their individual families. I truly feel like a
mother of 20 kids with some seperation anxiety! I know they are having
a great time and are in good hands.

I will be posting some pictures tomorrow but in the meantime please
check out this link to see some pictures taken by Nicole Rosenberg,
who works for the Baltimore/Ashkelon Partnership.

It is so hard to believe that we are staying the last leg of our
journey and that we will be flying back to Baltimore in less than a
week. It has been such an incredible Israel Summer Seminar and I am so
proud of each and every teen. They are an amazing group and it has
been such a honor to be their coordinator!

I am off to bed-- pictures and other blog posts from the teens will
be coming tomorrow,

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